Missed Out On

By Alicia Murie

What do you do when

You realize you’ve only been doing what

Your head was telling you

What you should be doing and not

Listening to what your heart

Knows you should have been doing for

Years but it’s something that

You won’t even realize that you have

Missed out on till you

Come across that one person or that

One circumstance that makes you

Realize you’re not where you can’t nor

Should be and you’re not

Living the life that was meant for

You to live but instead

You’ve forced your heart to live in

This eternal limbo you can’t

Escape resulting in endless nights of crying

So when you finally come

To that point where you realize that

You should be doing something

More with your life will you listen

To what your heart says

Or will you listen to others and

Wonder what you’ve missed out on

Come talk with others, discuss important issues affecting those living with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Together figure out the steps in which should be taken to accomplish the task at hand.

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Elections and being politically involved are both ways to ensuring you are politically involved.  That could be something as simple as calling or emailing your elected official.  It's important to ensure that you are represented by your elected officials.  I believe it is the organization People First that has the saying of nothing can be done without us or well shttp://usbia.org/omething like that.  You can't expect every legislator to be "in the know" or be able to expect they will hear our issues from others.  In the last thirteen years I've been doing everything with TBI Raiders, I've heard from lots of law makers that they need to know and want to know the issues and concerns of TBI survivors so they can write legislation that will help them.

And you can't expect that the reason nothing is going to be done to help those of us with TBI is because nobody cares about the issue of TBI.  Maybe nothing is being done or no one is getting involved to help out is because there isn't more survivors out there saying hey we matter, this is what we need and nobody is bringing  forward ideas that will help improve the lives of TBI survivors because they don't know where to look for that information.  Believe in yourself fellow survivor because you are capable of being successful!

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