Go to http://www.govtrack.us/ to track bills that are in Congress and that are important to you!

Allie Murie, Director of TBI Raiders

I am a 35 year old who has lived the last 19 years with a left-right traumatic brain injury that I sustained from being broadsided at 60 mph when I was 16. I am a very determined and stubborn lady who is determined to find a way to help others...

Advocate!  You have a voice!!!

Also as much as just showing up to the polls, you should go out to the campaigns for BOTH parties.  I AM.  Don’t believe me?  Look at www.facebook.com/tbiraiders.  I’ve been posting pictures or videos from when I go.  I’m trying to get some one on ones with the candidates as well.  But I also need to find some work.  I normally substitute and am still going to when a teacher needs me.  But I would LOVE to get paid to speak on what I have created to help those with Traumatic Brain Injury.  I’ve written legislation that goes along with the powerpoint.  If you wanted to look it up go to www.okhouse.gov and go to spring session 2016 and look up HB1612.  That is what I wrote the draft of that would create a statewide TBI program.  I have friends in the Democratic Disability Caucus who are going to help me work on it and get it ready for the next session.  You probably read the previous sentence and are wondering if I’m Republican.  YEP  But don’t align me with any of the crazy drama going on.  Yes I’m republican but I’m ABLE TO have CIVIL CONVERSATIONS with my friends who are Democrats AS WELL AS Independent.

We need to have gatherings, forums, make signs, write letters, etc.  I will be doing weekly Facebook Live chats on the TBI Raiders Fan page.  Please leave questions or send me emails about what you would like to hear me talk about that have to do with TBI and the election.

Posted 25 weeks ago

Emotional healing takes time

When someone not only has a Traumatic Brain Injury but also has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to deal with, it can seem like complete hell each and every day.  Not only that but that you are stuck in this survival mode that you can’t get anyone to listen to a word you are saying.  You can say what you are dealing with and your experiences but people will see they have seen something else.  It is essentially a no win battle.  An internal battle in which YOU have to be the one who must decide when it is going to end.

That is what I decided to do.  I have dealt with enough.  Especially in the last 12 years.  And I’m not going to say from what along with what I had to deal with prior to my accident.  It’s hard for me to trust people as a result.  It took me forever to find a place or somewhere or an overall area I felt safe in.  I was always looking over my shoulder.  Trying to see if there was someone behind me waiting to stab me in the back (not literally, untrustworthy people).

I’m finally at a point I’ve had enough and got counseling so that I could not only find ways to deal with it but could find coping skills and just make sure I’m okay.  Because at one point I was about ready to become a cutter because I was so sick of the flashbacks.  But I have a good support unit that is able to pull me back when I am having bad moments.

What am I doing now?  I am writing down who won the election so I will know who to contact when I start sending out questions on Traumatic Brain Injury for the Survived to Vote website.  Election season has to be when I really come to life…lol.  I want to make sure the candidates don’t forget about those of us with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Posted 33 weeks ago

Small joys of life

Back in March towards the end of the month on the 28th, I was still waiting to get a  new insurance card. So I went to the pharmacy and got Baclofen for the next two days but needed to make it last three. I remembered that I am also on Tizanidine, another muscle relaxer, but I took that as needed and had a ton left. So instead of taking two 20mg of Baclofen four times a day.  I am taking it three times a day then taking Tizanidine 4mg at night with my other medicines. 

Okay lead up to now. I saw my primary doctor and she asked if it was working.  I said yes and that I was going to journal it to help other severe traumatic brain injury survivors.  I used to joke when I was still attending Rose State College about being a guinea pig for myself.  The major difference between now and then would be I use to need pain pills because I felt pain in my lower back.  But now I don’t need them but like one or twice a week.  Yes I still feel uncomfortable soreness in my lower back BUT the difference is I can tell what I am feeling. ..soreness not pain and I can identify the muscles where the feeling is coming from. This has enabled me to substitute five days a week and give me hope I can work a steady job five days a week. 

I’ll probably update this anywhere  from at the end of the month to the end of every three months. But everything is going good right now. 

Posted 38 weeks ago

My Goal

* Attend conferences to speak

* Take a college student with me so they can gain more job experience that will need once they finish school

* Bring back information to Stillwater Medical Center so that they can develop something for rural communities

* Develop a paid internship for students to come with me and it go towards their student loan

* Develop a program for high school and college students who live with and without a Traumatic Brain Injury through TBI Raiders

* Have college students develop: *LLC to oversee everything *Be a program to help high school transition to college or straight into the workforce but the endgame to help them prepare for the workforce *gas card to help with gas *membership card > work with restaurants, fast food places and/or grocery stores to get discount on food *place for the LLC *study hall within the LLC *quiet space with yoga mats, body balls, etc to help destress *pay $5 for every hour they volunteer and that go on their gas card

* Partner up with other states, countries

* Partner up with other student organizations

* Partner up with other schools

* Get paid to travel around & speak plus take a student with me when I go aka their internship

Posted 44 weeks ago

Help me so that I can help the students...

I have a gofundme page set up at http://www.gofundme.com/alondon18 that tells all about it.  I’ve also applied to speak at two other conferences…one in D.C. and one in Ireland but right now I’ll be speaking in London and the Netherlands.  I am also wanting a journalism or media major from Oklahoma State to go with me.  The money raised on Go Fund Me is to pay for both of us.

How it works is:

Step 1: Get students signed up

Step 2: Get training on Traumatic Brain Injury, tour a rehab facility to get better acquainted on Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Disabilities

Step 3: Work/Volunteer with the community or work events

Technology: Twitter, Texting, Email, Facebook, YouTube, Conference Calls, Meetings

Model: Schools, Employment, City Council

Logistics Model:

State, Congress


Student Organization

Employment, Medical, Education, Government

Families of Traumatic Brain Injury survivors


5 Points




Political Representation

Job Training


TBI Support Group Meetings

4:30-5:30 P.M.

2nd & 4th Friday

Stillwater Medical Center


Raid Oklahoma Forum

Build a platform on the issues that are important to the Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Disability community.  These would be quarterly gatherings.


Cato’s Fashion Show

- Raise awareness on Traumatic Brain Injury & raise money for the Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma

- Students who help out as well as model prepare & create resumes & bring them to the event then have employers/businesses who have booths at this where students could hand it to them.


Speaking Engagements

LLC or something of the sort to help those with Traumatic Brain Injury

Creating an online jeopardy game on Traumatic Brain Injury



Saying what the statistics and realities are of Traumatic Brain Injury

Opportunities would have with TBI Raiders

Internships would have with TBI Raiders via Service Learning Volunteer Center


Interviews about responsibilities for positions, internships, committees

Member & Volunteer Benefits


Create a re-entry to workforce in Stillwater - tailored to Stillwater



Voter Registration Drives

Student organization to grow on multiple campuses across Oklahoma

Conferences for professionals & non-profit organization

Leadership retreats




Campus Recruiting

Community Organizing

Disability & Traumatic Brain Injury

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Education Reform

Health/Physical Issues

Student Rights




Web Designer

Assistant Newsletter Editor

Graphics Artist




Web Manager




Public Outreach/Relations


Newsletter (2)




Activities for Interns to Do

Newsletter - one for the organization and one for school/about TBI

YouTube - Broadcast stories/activities/politics for TBI Raiders

Websites - Blog/TBI’s Corner/TBI Raiders/Members of TBI Raiders/Survived to Vote/ Meet the Director

Public Relations - Brochures, Newsletters, Pamphlets Handouts, Website, Online Store, YouTube, Surveys, Letters Received

Speaking Engagements - Trainings, Legislation to Discuss, Meetings with survivors and families

Online Store - Graphics, Logos, Prizes, Giveaways, Budget money made


Skills - can master or learn

Website Project Management

Online Flash/Video Production



Office Administration, Public Relations, Web Design

Marketing and Communications


Volunteer Resume Page/Member Page

First Name or Nickname




Focus on

Work Experience

Volunteer Experience


Organizations currently a member of

Organizations once involved in



Commercial Clips Documentary Posters

(to be held yearly)

Commercial Clips

Time Length 15-30 seconds

Why it is important to know about Traumatic Brain Injury

Statistics about Traumatic Brain Injury

Facts about TBI Raiders

Goals TBI Raiders has

Facts about the Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma

Support for the Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma



On TBI…what they discover on the disability, theirs, and others reactions to it

What is or isn’t being done to help survivors

Highlight the rehabilitation facilities that specialize in TBI

What is or isn’t being done in school to help survivors

At the end of the videos…

Problems they see from what they’ve discovered

Ideas of what they think should be done to help suvivors

Encouragement for survivors



2019 Raiders Experience

TBI Raiders

Traumatic Brain Injury

If anything grabs your eye that you want to talk with me about via email, please do at osuallie@gmail.com.  If you wanted to do a video about the opportunity to post on YouTube on the tbiraiders page, that would be awesome.  It could help build enthusiasm for the program and help it grow.  I would love to hear your feedback!

Posted 44 weeks ago

Hehe...the time is upon us!

Just what time is that you may be asking yourself.  Members of TBI Raiders has a paid web host now!  I’m still getting the kinks worked out and building up the pages on there but the website is www.members4tbiraiders.club/

I am completely redoing the site.  If you are a member of the volunteer service via the student volunteer center at okstate or on Volunteer Match, I want you to tell me what needs to be on there.  Well this is to be a team website.  And of course if you are someone with a TBI, PTSD, or Disability…I want to hear your input.  I have a few contacts I will be contacting this week to see if they will work with me.  I am not going to say who just yet but these are groups/organizations/businesses I would like to work with so that more communication can be shared across more than one channel and those entities I named can perhaps start if they already aren’t start finding better ways of working together to help those with TBI/PTSD/Disabilities.

I’ve said all along to these young adults and youth that I want to teach and show them what I learned not just from Gov. Henry but from other elected officials I have worked with over the years and communicated with and a lot of that was done not caring about the what party they were a member of.  I have been listening to these college students and those still in K-12 about what they are wanting to see in Stillwater.  That’s why I’m wanting to bring the fashion show + job fair to them.  This is something I have been working on and talking with others in the community since last summer.  I just need help now in terms of man power, location, sponsorship, advertisement….and the last three I would like the students to help me plan.  This would help show future employers their potential and what they are capable of.  As for me, I know what I’m capable of, it’s about paying it forward with everything I’ve learned and sharing the knowledge with the next generation.

And yes this kind of planning takes a lot of thinking with coming up with a lot of strategic ways in terms of I don’t want to get sick so finding ways to ensure I don’t get sick!

Posted 52 weeks ago
Well the new year is upon us and as survivors we must decide…what is the direction we should take from here.  Well obviously I can’t speak for all of us but I can speak for myself.  The direction I will choose to take is to help improve the education system and do my best to do what I can to help increase the opportunities that are available here in Stillwater to Students.
Alicia Murie Director, TBI Raiders
Posted 58 weeks ago

Positive story about Education

I’ve been substituting in Stillwater since about 2010. I’m going off of what my resume says since I can’t remember when I started substituting.  Last year and this year I have mostly been at Skyline Elementary and Stillwater Junior with occasionally going to the Middle School or High School.  One thing I have always been up front about is the fact I have a Left-Right Traumatic Brain Injury.  That’s because the students have asked questions about the way I walked or talked or something else I did plus I wanted to be upfront about what I have so I can bring about more awareness.  They then started asking questions about traumatic brain injury and I did my best to educate them.  I also told them of the volunteer work I was doing to help those not just with TBI but with PTSD, Disabilities and those without disabilities.  I’ve taught them how to help me when my side effects kick in.  Then if I’m substituting and last year they saw it kick in, one of the students would step up to help out.

I bring all of this up because of today’s incident.  It just truly showed to me how much Stillwater schools stands apart from everyone else.  I was substituting for one of the recess monitors today like I did last week.  I think it was when the fourth grade was out.  I was talking to someone who was out helping monitor at recess.  I tried moving to my left leg. My left knee gave out and I tried to catch myself with my right foot by stepping back with it….fell to my side….banged up my left knee, middle knuckle and right elbow. The kids and monitor rushed over to where I was.  LOL She asked if I was okay. (that’s not the funny part) I rolled over and started to get up telling her yup it was just a fluke. That’s it’s not something that happens too often anymore but rather once in a blue moon.  

So after I was up, two of the boys walked with me to the office to make sure I got there okay.  They were asking questions.  I asked them if they remembered me teaching them about my brain injury last year.  They nodded their head. I said falls like what just happened used to happen a lot in the beginning but now that I’m better they happen once in a blue moon and I just need to know what to do when they happen.  Then they both understood.  

Once we got to the office, I sat down on the comfy bench…sorry I’m not sitting in the chair :P.  Anna asked what happened and I said my paralysis kicked in.  Then I said the two boys would do a better job of explaining what happened.  :) I was so proud of the way they explained it.  One of them even tried to show Anna how I fell.  After that she excused them to go back to recess.  Once I was all bandaged up and she had asked me if I was okay and everything, she asked if I wanted to file worker’s comp.  I was like uh?  What for?  She started explaining what it would be for.  I then told her to relax because I’ve lived with this TBI 20 yrs and have learned what to do in a lot of situations plus didn’t need a doctor.  But I told her in the event if something ever did happen that I did have to file worker’s comp, it would be because I had to go see a doctor about something that had happened.  Anna smiled and said okay.  Then before I left the front office I told Anna and everyone else Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I would see them in the new year!

Posted 60 weeks ago

Time to get moving and get motivated

There is a fashion show coming up!  It will be in March.  It will be a Cato’s Fashion Show to not only raise awareness on Traumatic Brain Injury but also raise money (potentially) for the Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma.  I say potentially because they have yet to have a board meeting to discuss this.  The fashion show will be sometime the 2nd week of March.

The theme for the show will be “Alicia Payne…” I was going to let the students come up with what should come next after my maiden name.  Because I was known as Alicia Payne when I got started in everything to help raise awareness on traumatic brain injury in the beginning.  It’s about bringing everything back to a starting point and finding ways to empower traumatic brain injury survivors who attend this.

What I need help with is…volunteers, models (college students), sponsors, location, advertisement, catering (possibly…if we get funding)….a committee formed to help me plan this

One thing I want this fashion show to do is show that Stillwater Empowers.  But the thing is the city leaders are not going to know how they need to empower others in the city unless we speak up.  So don’t be afraid to speak up and have your voice heard.  I want to try to help boost the economy in some way.  That could be something as having businesses sponsor the event or donate something to the cause.  I want this event to be a win win for not just the students but also businesses and families.  I want this to be something that will strengthen the community.

Posted 69 weeks ago

TBI Awareness + Fashion Show

Generally people would connect Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness to fashion but when you think about it, what is something everyone has to have to wear?  Clothes!  Done tastefully this can be a huge success.  This is something to focus on the strengths of survivors and how far they have come.  This is also to raise money for potentially the Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma.  I say potentially because they will have a meeting next month to discuss if they will accept the money or not.  Today I emailed instructors at both Oklahoma State University and at my alma mater Rose State College.  I’ve also been emailing 15th Street News and keeping them in the loop on everything like I always do.  That is the student newspaper at my alma mater.  

Well besides the models, a location, advertisement that we will need…we will also need FUNDING, volunteers, think about catering/drinks (non-alcoholic), I’m really going to need an assistant to man all this stuff (lol), a committee, etc.  What everyone helping out with needs to remember is this is not to make them look all shiny on paper but to really help those living with a Traumatic Brain Injury living in Stillwater.

Posted 73 weeks ago

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