Final Thoughts

Alicia, to answer your question about TBI the answer is no. I know of no one with that problem other than you now. But what I can tell you is that I am very aware of the problem with Social Security and the benefits that handicap people receive. Why, the answer is simple my brother Jeffery has been handicapped since he was nineteen years old. He is now sixty years old and I can tell you many horror stories of how people with disabilities suffer at the hands of the Government. If you make any money at all you are also being handicapped by the Government on what dollar amounts you are able to receive in assistance. Have you ever wondered why people that have no legs or appendages are unable to perform certain tasks to earn a living wage ride around in cars unfit for habitation? They never have or are afforded the good life do to the fact that they are constantly being plagued by the Government and Social Security restrictions. Believe me I know what you are going through as well as the many others who have disabilities. When I am elected President I will pledge to work on your problem as well as other problems in our society, and to help those who are in need of help in our Country.


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